The Jewish Vote, The Atheist Vote, the Soccer Mom Vote

Nate Silver has an interesting perspective on the Jewish vote in The New Republic. The article is called “Mis-Schlep.”

All this fuss seems to be misdirected. It is not as though Jewish voters make up an especially large share of the electorate. Just five percent of voters were Jewish in the 2004 elections in Florida, and they split their votes 80/20 for John Kerry, hardly qualifying them as the most unpredictable swing demographic. By comparison, atheists made up 11 percent of Florida’s electorate–but you can’t find any Atheists for Obama yard signs. Nor are there any mailers designed for, say, parakeet owners, or stay-at-home dads, who probably make up a comparably large fraction of the electorate.

Read Mis-Schlep

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