Fear NOT!

Peter_Carey The Rev. Peter M. Carey, an Episcopal priest, at Santos Woodcarving Popsicles in article, “Politics of Fear…”

I often wonder if we had been better served in these last years by a president who might have embraced something other than the politics of fear. Further, for this president who claims to be such an evangelical, I wonder whether he really has spent enough time with the scriptures, which seem to state, in no uncertain terms that we are to “Fear NOT”! The psalms reiterate over and over the fact that we are really only to fear the Lord, and Jesus was trying to lift his followers out of their own fearfulness and reactivity. Maybe these leaders should set down the Wall Street Journal and pick up the Good Book for 30 minutes before bed!

Many people are living these days in fear that is perhaps quite justified with the financial markets in such turmoil. It is a time for leadership, it is a time for realism, but it is a time to set aside fear …. we have seen worse times, and leaders sometimes rise to the challenge. I do hope our president does … in the meantime, I can’t but wonder what another president might say, and do…

Source: Santos Woodcarving Popsicles: Politics of Fear…

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