India’s Christians Rally for Peace

Timothy C. Morgan in Christianity Today

Yesterday, top leaders from India’s vibrant Christian community in greater Chicago held a press conference to announce that this Sunday they will hold a peace rally in support of the persecuted Christians from India’s violence-stricken state of Orissa.

In the November 2008 edition of Christianity Today, we will have both a news report and editorial commentary on the situation for Christians in India.

Here’s one graph from the CT editorial:

“The real embarrassment to the world’s largest democracy is not this incident. No, it is the fact that this flashpoint is not all that unusual for India. Orissa witnessed similar attacks against Christians just last Christmas. According to the All India Christian Council, which defends the human rights of the nation’s long-oppressed Dalits, somewhere in India an attack against Christians occurs on average every three days. Readers of this periodical will likely recall the grisly murder of Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons in Orissa nearly a decade ago (CT, March 1, 1999).”

See India’s Christians Rally for Peace | Liveblog | Christianity Today

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