Vestry Meeting

From Elizabeth Kaeton at Telling Secrets:

The rector decides that God is calling the parish to a new vision of what it is to be and to do. So, at the next vestry meeting he presents the new vision with as much energy, conviction and passion as he can muster. When he finished and sat down, the senior warden called for a vote. All 12 vestry members voted against the new vision, with only the rector voting for it.

“Well, Father, it looks like you will have to think again,” says the
senior warden. “Would you like to close the meeting in prayer?”

So the rector stands up, raises his hand to heaven, and prays, “LORD,
will you not show these people that this is not MY vision but it is YOUR vision!”

At that moment, the clouds darken, thunder rolls, and a streak of
lightning bursts through the window and strikes in two the table at
which they are sitting, throwing the rector and all the vestry members to the ground.

After a moment’s silence, as they all get up and dust themselves off,
the senior warden speaks again.

“Well, that’s twelve votes to two then.”

Telling Secrets: My favorite new joke

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