Archbishop of York to bankers: You are hyenas.

Ruth Gledhill of the Times on her blog:

At Lambeth Palace yesterday, Archbishop John Sentamu told me why there must be a judicial enquiry into the financial services industry. You can read our report in today’s paper at the Times Online faith page. He spoke of his disgust at the huge bonuses enjoyed by a few while so many went to the wall, and at a Government that seemed happy to pour millions into the pockets of already rich bankers while refusing to bail out traditional manufacturing companies such as Rover. Later, after we spoke, he delivered a similar message to the Worshipful Company of International Bankers in London, a body too snotty to let the press in to report directly what he said.

See: Ruth Gledhill – Times Online – WBLG: Sentamu to bankers: ‘You are hyenas.’

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