Polkinghorne defends Reiss: Shining a light where science and theology meet

jcp4 The Rev Canon John Polkinghorne, KBE, Fellow of the Royal Society (Britain’s academy of science), is a particle physicist and a theologian. He was President of Queens’ College, Cambridge, 1989-96. He writes in the Times:

Creationism and evolution have been in the news recently because of the furore that has led to the resignation of Professor Michael Reiss from his part-time post as an educational adviser at the Royal Society. I believe that he has been the victim of our sound-bite culture, in which a phrase is plucked from a considered speech and, out of context, is made to seem as if something quite contrary to the speaker’s actual intention was being said. In a letter to The Times a week ago, Reiss sought to put the record straight. His first sentence unequivocally stated that “creationism has no scientific validity” and a little later he said that “evolution is recognised as the best explanation for the history of life on Earth, and for the diversity of species”. He also made the reasonable remark that “If a young person raises the issue of creationism in a science class, a teacher should be in a position to examine why it does not stand up to scientific investigation”. I know Michael Reiss to have a sensible and sensitive concern for educational matters relating to science and religion, and I very much regret that misrepresentation of his views has led to his resignation.

See full article: Shining a light where science and theology meet -Times Online

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