Letter to deposed Episcopal Bishop of Pittsburgh, Bob Duncan, urges New North American Anglican Province

Chad Bates, Chairman, Remain Faithful (On behalf of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Members of Remain Faithful) writes:

You are one of a very few Bishops who have stood for the historic faith even in light of horrible, unprecedented and unwarranted threats by The Episcopal Church (TEC). We applaud your stand for our historic faith and are proud to stand beside you as faithful laity.

. . .

We condemn the Presiding Bishop and House of Bishops of TEC for their illegal and unchristian actions yesterday.

. . .

The “silent majority” are now awakened and rising up out of the pews to reform our Church. Thank you for your courageous leadership and example you provide all toward that end.

Full letter: DCNY: REMAIN FAITHFUL Commends Duncan. Urges New North American Anglican Province

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