Best Comment of the Day: Atheist, pray harder

“Minnesota Secular Humanist Atheist Students, Where Are You?” writes Greg Laden on his blog at ScienceBlog:

I’m calling in from the Saint Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota, and we’re goin’ down. Mayday Mayday Mayday.

We are having some kind of “meet the student group” day and it is not going well. Booths are set up in front of the Student Center. The biggest single category of student group represented is religious. Jesus this, Jesus that. Graduate students for Jesus. The Campus Jesus BeJesus club. Of the political groups, there is one Obama, one Conservative Students of America and one Take Away Reproductive Rights from Women group. That’s it.

What. Is. Going. On. Here. People.????

The closest thing I can find to an atheist or a secular humanist is a guy with a 16th century German helmet who seems to be representing the SCA or something. And that is not good enough.

Please explain.

FIRST COMMENT: “Pray harder.”

Greg Laden’s Blog : Minnesota Secular Humanist Atheist Students, Where Are You?

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