‘Big bang’ in Britain over creationism

Al Webb in the Washington Times has a fairly good write up on the Rev Michael Reiss story.

One of the world´s leading biologists, who is also an ordained Anglican priest, has sparked uproar in both religious and scientific circles by campaigning to teach creationism, along with evolution and the “Big Bang” theory in science classrooms.

I still think Reiss is essentially correct. We are never going to successfully teach evolution as long as we adamantly disallow mentioning God in the classroom and if that includes allowed discussion of Creationism then so be it. Wouldn’t it be nice to tell students that half of all Christians believe in evolution without little or no reservation. The Richard Dawkins crowd, so intent on taking Reiss down, are more concerned about destroying faith than really teaching evolution. See full story at Washington Times – ‘Big bang’ in Britain over creationism

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