knee-jerk hostility towards Christianity

Charlie Butts and Marty Cooper – OneNewsNow:

A high school math teacher in San Diego has won the first round in a free-speech court battle against his school district.

Thomas More Law Center attorney Brian Rooney filed the lawsuit on behalf of Bradley Johnson, a teacher at Westview High School. According to Rooney, Johnson ran into problems because of banners in his classroom.

“Those banners had patriotic logos on them: our national motto ‘In God We Trust’, [‘All Men Are Created Equal, They Are Endowed By Their Creator’], and those kind[s] of historical, cultural vestiges of [this] country,” Rooney explains.

Only one person objected — Johnson’s boss. According to WorldNetDaily, school principal Dawn Kastner disliked the banners because they express a Judeo-Christian point-of-view.

“Not one parent or student had complained about these banners for 25 years, but the new principal…believed [Johnson] was in violation of church and state,” Rooney adds.

The Law Center, which focuses on defending religious freedoms, claims that forced removal of the banners violates freedom of speech, Johnson’s First Amendment right, especially since the school allows other teachers to hang items on their walls that espouse Buddhist and Islamic viewpoints.

Richard Thompson, president of the Law Center, believes that public schools tend to “exhibit a knee-jerk hostility towards Christianity and seek to cleanse our nation’s classrooms of our religious heritage while promoting atheism or other religions under the guise of cultural diversity.”

A federal judge has ruled that Johnson’s case has merit, calling the school’s actions “one-sided censorship” and not permissible under federal and state constitutions. “Really what happens in a situation like this [is] it settles out because the judge basically ruled that he thinks we’re probably going to win,” Rooney contends.

The Law Center is ready to go to court if the case is not settled, and that could prove costly to the district because of attorney fees.

School case involves ‘knee-jerk hostility’ towards Christianity (

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