Teaching creationism in schools in the UK

Lewis Smith, Science Reporter and Alexandra Frean, Education Editor, The Times, September 12, 2008:


The education director at the Royal Society says science teachers should treat creationism as legitimate

Creationism should be taught in science classes as a legitimate point of view, according to the Royal Society, putting the august science body on a collision course with the Government.

I happen to agree as I said in a previous post on this topic. And I think we should do the same in the U.S. Let me be clear, I don’t accept creationism or ID, but I think that by not allowing free discussion in the classroom we get a high degree of rejection of science. I think if the classroom seems open-minded, then so might the student. Leading scientist urges teaching of creationism in schools – Times Online

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One Response to Teaching creationism in schools in the UK

  1. P.G. TIPS says:

    Creationism is not Scientific & The Bible is not a science book. The Bible will not help in a science class any more than a science book will teach your children not to swear.

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