More still on PZ Myers, the Atheist Who Desecrated the Eucharist

Dinesh D’Souza, now, weeks after the fact, is writing about that silly plonker, P.Z. Myers. He concludes his posting thus: “It is that they are biologists who know something about one thing but pretend that they know a lot about other things. Consequently they [the atheists like Richard Dawkins and Myers] come across sounding like morons. Have pity on them.”

Pity?  They are arrogant and unwise. They don’t pretend that they know a lot about other things. They really think they do. That is all. They should read Richard Feynman, one of the greatest scientists of the modern era, who wrote, “I believe that a scientist looking at nonscientific problems is just as dumb as the next guy.”

Here is what Dinesh D’Souza wrote:

Proclaiming “nothing is sacred,” atheist P.Z. Myers took the Christian eucharist, pierced it with a rusty nail, and threw it into the garbage. Then he posed his action on the world wide web.

Who is Myers? He’s a biology professor at the University of Minnesota and a close ally of Richard Dawkins. In fact, Dawkins has praised Myers, conducted public conversations with him, and I count several links to Myers’ articles on Dawkins also urged his fans to write in support of Myers.

Myers rose to semi-fame, or perhaps I should say notoriety, when he praised University of Central Florida student Webster Cook who stole the eucharist from a church and held it hostage. Apparently figuring that such antics were more likely to gain attention than his own relatively undistinguished scholarship, Myers decided to get into the act himself.

On his blog Pharyngula, Myers wrote “It’s a Frackin’ Cracker” and said that if someone would send him a eucharist he would “show you sacrelige, gladly and with much fanfare.” Myers’ desecration was widely viewed on the web and raised much comment, much of it infuriated–but we can assume that this was Myers’ intention.

Asked whether he cared about injuring the feelings of Christians, Myers professed surprise. “I’ve got so many people writing me and saying that I have seriously hurt them. But what have I done? I have thrown away a cracker.”

This would be like someone burning a cross and then saying, “I cannot understand why all those black people are upset? All I did was set fire to a piece of wood.” If a child did it, you can possibly say he was innocent. But when a professor acts this way, isn’t malevolence the obvious explanation?

The National Catholic Register caught up with Myers recently and asked him the source of his hostility toward religion. “Religion has been selling everybody a bill of goods for so many years. It’s about time somebody spoke up and said it’s a load of nonsense.”

Asked whether Christianity deserves credit for founding the first Western hospitals, universities and even scientific breakthroughs, Myers said, “No. People made those contributions to Western civilization.”

But werent’ those people Christians acting on their religious convictions? “That’s like saying that because for so many years people got smallpox, smallpox is to be credited for all the virtue men have done.”

Here we see Myers’ thought in all its glorious idiocy. No, Myers, the two are not even comparable. Smallpox has nothing to do with the building of Gothic spires and astronomical observatories and setting up institutions like Harvard and the Red Cross. Christianity was a powerful motivating force in why people did those things. You can find all this out by opening up a history book.

The problem with people like Myers and Dawkins is not that they are complete morons. It is that they are biologists who know something about one thing but pretend that they know a lot about other things. Consequently they come across sounding like morons. Have pity on them.

Source: The Atheist Who Desecrated the Eucharist – News Bloggers

cp: One Episcopalian on Faith

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