Prayer Book Anglican/Episcopalian

Bob Griffith at hypersync sees the importance of the Prayer Book as a unifying source:

We used to be a Church governed by law where we could propose, consistently and thoroughly vet, argue about, and then decide to make or not to make changes (however imperfectly it worked at times). We used to have a loyal opposition that would argue its case, but if it didn’t win it remained and continued arguing – we all worshiped together, in common prayer, using the Prayer Book. We’ve moved too far from this Episcopal model because of the assertion of Identity-Politics and misplaced ideas of hyper-individualism and justice – and most likely lots of other stuff that I am unaware of. Now, we assert our individual – individual – rights without regard for the common good, law, process, discipline… This is chaos. This is what is making our Church so sick.

I want to yell loudly – “Be Prayer Book Anglicans!” Be Prayer Book Evangelicals! Be Prayer Book Catholics! Even be Prayer Book Progressives! How many parishes actually use the Prayer Book as it was intended without looking for loopholes in order to do their own eccentric thing? Do priests with such limited understanding, considering the vast amount of information there is to have, believe they know better than the 2,000 years of lived experience of Christians throughout the world? In our American hubris, yes we do.

Prayer Book Anglican/Episcopalian (hypersync)

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One Response to Prayer Book Anglican/Episcopalian

  1. Lee Poteet says:

    The problem is that most Episcopalians don’t know or understand Prayer Book Anglicanism, i.e., that every parish is supposed to doall of the services of the Book of Common Prayer just as they are found in the book. The reason that there are Evangelicals, Catholics (?) and Progressives is that all flee from being truly ‘prayer book.’ Also, all should remember that St Paul forbids parties.

    I appreciate and agree with what you have said, but the ancient faith of the prayer book, the true “old religion” was effectively dumped a generation ago. Just glad to see that someone besides myself is sorry about that.

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