The Christianists and Palin According to Andrew Sullivan

cartoonandrewAndrew Sullivan in The Daily Dish offers an interesting observation. He quotes Rich Brookhiser from the National Review:

“Palin will also be assigned to pacify conservatives. On the evidence of the numerous emails reprinted here, that will be easily done. Reader after reader said that the base was now energized. You would have thought the base was energized by being in a war. If not, perhaps we need a new base,” – Rick Brookhiser.

And then he  explains:

He’s discovering that the actual people in the Republican base are much less interested in national security than in religious orthodoxy. Who knew? The only relevant criterion for the Christianists is that Palin is a pro-life evangelical. What other criterion should they have? This isn’t about governing; it’s about believing.

I think he is right! The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

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