Katrina, Gustav, New Orleans and Republicans

Yes. Rod Dreher at Crunchy Con is right on this story:

This Friday marks the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina striking New Orleans. It’s starting to look like the folks in the Crescent City might be spending that day making another hejira northward: Hurricane Gustav is on track to strengthen in the Gulf in the next few days, and make a beeline for Louisiana. A lot could happen between now and then, and there’s no telling for sure where this storm will go. Certainly it’s awful for the people wherever it strikes land. But Lord have mercy, I pray it will spare New Orleans. Another Katrina-like blow, and the city could well be done for good.

On a political note, it surely has not escaped the notice of the Republican Party convention planners that their convention will begin as what looks to be a major hurricane will be striking, or will have just struck, the United States. For many Americans — certainly for me — the bottom fell out for the Bush administration with Katrina and “Heck of a job, Brownie.” The prospect of something similar happening during the GOP convention this year has got to be keeping party mandarins up at night this week.

Katrina, Gustav, New Orleans and Republicans – Crunchy Con

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