Times: A third of Muslim students back killings

Yes, you have to read the article at GetReligion before you start spouting that headline from the Times and many other papers:

Of course, I do not know whether an exact two thirds of British Muslims students oppose killing people in the name of Islam. It does raise the question of whether or not it was appropriate to view the glass half-empty instead of half-full. Are there any trends with which this poll can be compared? For example, in 2006, a poll was conducted showing Muslims in Britain to be the most anti-Western in Europe. Has that statistic changed?

Headlines aside, one-third is a significant number regardless of how the poll was carried out. True to form, the news stories failed to include the specific questions asked that resulted in that number. This is a typical shortcoming in news coverage of polls. Appropriately, most news stories included criticism from Muslims groups for how the poll was conducted.

See How radical are British Muslims? » GetReligion

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