The day Joe Biden threw an Atheist under the bus

 shroud-of-turin vastleft at Corrente writes:

I used to get a kick out of Joe Biden. He’s smart, funny, and even if he looks like a guy they’d cast to be president, there’s nothing generic about him.

. . . I was pretty disappointed to see Joe Biden, the master of Democratic nuance, hang non-believers out to dry on Bill Maher’s Real Time. Amidst a rather cogent critique of the GOP’s hypocritical religiosity, he suddenly decided to fluff up their favorite straw man, the godless liberal:

I think the problem with a lot of elites in the Democratic party, quite frankly, is they communicate they don’t respect people’s faith.

. . . The point of Biden’s grandstanding is clear: he fancies himself the most electable Democrat, because he will uniquely wrap himself in the shroud of Turin. . . .

Shroud of Turin? Interesting metaphor, but why uniquely wrap: The day Joe Biden threw me under the bus | Corrente

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