Durham Cathedral (Anglican) urged to take book shop from SSG: J Mark Brewer and Phil Brewer of Houston, Texas

durhambookshop Graeme Neill writes the front page leading story at theBookseller.com

Church urged to reclaim SSG shop

A petition calling for the Dean of Durham Cathedral to take control of the cathedral’s St Stephen the Great bookshop from its owners Mark and Phil Brewer has received more than 100 signatures.

The petition, which has been addressed to the Very Reverend Michael Sadgrove, calls for him to “rescue this once outstanding bookshop from the hands of those who have ravaged it”.

The Christian charity St Stephen the Great filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States in June. The Brewers took control of the former SPCK bookshops in October 2006. They are facing around 30 tribunal claims from former staff and at least nine shops in the once 20 strong chain have been closed.

The petition states: “Surely enough is enough: we urge you to take decisive action now to rescue the shop from further decimation,” the petition reads. “Durham Cathedral is a World Heritage Site and an iconic northern shrine, a popular tourist destination and a centre of Britain’s spiritual life – yet it is now marred by association and ill-equipped to serve those who come to it seeking spiritual refreshment and theological enlightenment.

“We therefore call upon you to step in, as Jesus once stepped in at the Temple in Jerusalem, and to drive out these men who are bringing this unique part of Britain’s Christian Heritage into disrepute. We urge you, please: take back control of your bookshop, of our bookshop, without further delay.”

This is not just a British story. So if you live in Boise, New York, Sydney or anywhere, please sign the petition. It is free (you can ignore the plea for a contribution if you wish). It takes fifteen seconds. All you need is your name and email address. If you haven’t signed the petition

Source: theBookseller.com

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