Dems Get Religion in Denver – What is Worse an Atheist or a Liberal?

The Dakota Voice provides us with this diatribe in an editorial entitled, “All the Better to Eat You With.”

Would that be the same interfaith event that atheists are trying to weasel their way into?

Liberals have an abysmal record on religious freedom. Liberals have managed to push prayer and any mention of Christianity out of the public schools. Liberals demand that school coaches not be allowed to pray with their players. Liberals have attempted and succeeded greatly in holidays such as Christmas into secular Santa Claus days. Liberals have fought against historic icons of the faith. Liberals try to deny Christian groups the same rights that other groups enjoy. Liberals attempt to censor and silence churches when churches dare act or speak according to the Bible. Liberals want to force the Boy Scouts to accept homosexuality in violation of their oath of loyalty to God (who condemns homosexuality). Liberals don’t want graduating students to be able to mention Christ of their own volition at their own graduation. Liberals want to force people of faith to hire people who overtly live in a way that violates their religious convictions. Liberals want to force pharmacists to dispense drugs that go against their religious convictions. Liberals want all health care workers to be required to dispense abortifacients and perform procedures which violate their religious values. Liberals want to force doctors to perform fertilization procedures on lesbians that violate their religious convictions. Liberals want to remove any reference to God from the public square. Liberals don’t even want a Christian hospital chaplain to pray in Jesus’ name.

You get the idea but click if you must: Dakota Voice: Dems Get Religion in Denver: All the Better to Eat You With

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