Dawkins vs Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury

National Secular Society:

And that is before we came to the Archbishop of Canterbury, whose famous silver-tongue seemed to become tied as he foundered to find a way out of the logical mess he created when trying to square his beliefs with reality. I thought Dawkins let him off rather lightly when he put the embarrassing evasions down to the use of “poetic language”.

Richard Dawkins wasn’t prepared to say it on air, but I’ll say it for him here – if the Archbishop truly believes what he said on Monday’s programme, then he is a deluded fool. He’s often advertised as an intellectual giant. Intellect giant? I’ve said before and I’ll say it again now – it’s all flim-flam. Rowan Williams is an emperor with no clothes, and in this film we glimpsed his nakedness.

Or is it the other way around? National Secular Society – Why Dawkins is right and his critics are wrong

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