Amazing Science of Stars

First Things: Ryan Patrico writes:

Here’s a story to give that science oriented part of your brain a real workout. Scientists in Japan and the United States have finished eight years of work on a computer model that simulates the formation of stars. The results of the study were published this month in the journal Science. Apparently, studying the formation of stars can help cosmologists better understand the origins of the universe:

This experiment in theoretical astrophysics fills a crucial gap in the scientific narrative of creation. Insights into the origins of early stars may serve as a cosmic Rosetta stone to help scientists decipher the lingering mysteries of star formation.

“Ultimately, this story of the first star is the beginning story of our own existence,” says astrophysicist Naoki Yoshida at Nagoya University in Japan, who led the research team. “Our body contains carbon, oxygen and so on. These elements did not exist in the early universe. We are here because these elements were synthesized in stars.”

Does this fulfill all my desire for metaphysical

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