Who Was The First Truly Christian President?

 GOOD POINT POST: The Daily Dish By The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan:

When the theocons talk of American politics being imbued with religion from its founding, they have a point. But the type of religion that influenced the Founding Fathers could not be further removed from the deeply personal, evangelical experience touted by Warren, and its relationship to divine truth far more reserved than contemporary fundamentalism. By today’s standards, many of the founders would be termed secular humanists with Christian leanings who nonetheless believed religion to be essential to social order.

Earlier in the post he provided this simple chart:

  • George Washington 1789-97 Episcopalian (theistic rationalist*)
  • John Adams 1797-1801 Congregationalist; Unitarian
  • Thomas Jefferson 1801-09 Episcopalian (theistic rationalist*)
  • James Madison 1809-17  Episcopalian (theistic rationalist*)
  • James Monroe 1817-25 Episcopalian (deist?)
  • John Quincy Adams  1825-29 Unitarian
  • Andrew Jackson 1829-37 Presbyterian

Read the entire posting at The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

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