The Shroud of Turin as much a mystery as ever

Meredith Heagney writes in The Columbus Dispatch:

There’s a new wrinkle in the mystery of a linen cloth that some say held Jesus’ body.

The Shroud of Turin has fascinated scientists and theologians who have spent decades trying to determine whether the artifact was the burial cloth of Jesus or a fake made in the Middle Ages.

Local researchers say they have new information that discredits the assumption that the shroud is a hoax. It will be presented at a conference this weekend at Ohio State University.

No one knows the shroud’s origin for sure.

“Everybody loves a mystery,” said Barrie Schwortz, photographer for the 1978 Shroud of Turin Research Project Inc., the first extensive scientific examination of the relic. Schwortz, who is Jewish, documents news and research about the shroud on his Web site,

“If this were any other man who ever lived in history, nobody would care.”

I’m blogging from the conference at Ohio State. See The Columbus Dispatch : Shrouded in mystery

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