What St. Luke’s Coeur d’Alene is all about

Nathan Empsall writes in The Wayward Episcopalian:

The Christian faith and the Gospel texts are not about publicly condemning gays, narrowly focusing only on abortion, or encouraging greed in the name of prosperity. They are about love, the love God has for all His children and our responsibility to reflect that love in our own relationships. This means we should worship God and revel in the joy and grace he gives us, and it also means we should reach out to one another. Sometimes that reaching out means taking a stand against oppressive governments and sometimes it means giving money or relief to victims of disease or hunger. But other times, it just means being a good neighbor, which is why I am very proud of my home church, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. One of our more active members, Robert Peterson, sent out the following message and pictures last night to an Outreach e-mail list:

Read on. It is moving. It is an important message: The Wayward Episcopalian: What St. Luke’s Coeur d’Alene is all about

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