Sacraments and Innovation: An Essay

Interesting thoughts. Nathan Humphrey in Covenant writes:

To be more specific, “blessing” and “sacrament” are two different categories. Clergy have wider latitude in offering blessings for pastoral reasons, but the sacraments belong to the Church and are administered by the clergy as the appointed stewards of the Church’s sacramental life. For the purposes of this discussion, however, “blessing” equals “sacrament,” for the debate (at its most honest and deepest level) is not about pastoral rites such as blessing boats or houses, but about conferring sacramental status on the union of two people. (Or, putting it another way, recognizing that sacramental grace already inheres in the relationship of those two people and holding that relationship up as edifying to the Church, which all sacraments are intended to do.) As long as we continue to play games with what we’re really talking about (trotting out the old canard of “If I can bless tanks, why can’t I bless gay people?”), progressives will lack any hope of credibility in the eyes of most traditionalists.

You must read the entire essay to fully comprehend (but not necessarily agree with) this perspective and its implications. Check out the comments as well. Sacraments and Innovation: An Essay | Covenant

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