Lawsuit Against God Attempted in Omaha

Yes, we live in a strange world. Kevin Cole in the Omaha World Herald writes:

For an atheist, Ernie Chambers sure talks a lot about God.

The longtime Nebraska state senator presented a thorough argument Tuesday for why Douglas County District Judge Marlon Polk should take judicial notice of the existence of God.

There’s the U.S. government’s practice of including “In God We Trust” on currency.

There’s the invocation of God in oaths during court hearings — including the case that preceded his own. And there are the prayers offered by chaplains before legislatures.

“If God is omnipresent,” Chambers said, “then he is here in Douglas County and in this courtroom.”

— Because his opponent seemed unlikely to appear in court, Chambers is asking the judge to try the case in God’s absence.
Polk said he will endeavor to have a ruling on the motion “as soon as is practical.”

That suits Chambers, who said he realizes that he is putting the judge in a tough position.

“There’s never been a case like this in the world. We need judicial notice to be taken of God before the (lawsuit) can proceed.” Metro/Region Section

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