Catholic America: Why I Can’t Be a Catholic Conservative – On Faith at

Anthony Stevens-Arroyo writes in the Washington Post’s On Faith web offering:

Catholic Conservatives like to act like gatekeepers for who is a “real Catholic” (themselves) and who is a “cafeteria Catholic” (everyone else). They seem not to know that the classic case of cafeteria Catholicism came from the conservative National Review, edited by the late William F. Buckley. Reacting to Blessed John XXIII’s encyclical that supported the internationalism of the United Nations, the magazine ran with a cover that proclaimed: “Mater, Sí; Magistra, No.” A clearer case of doctrinal relativism is hard to find. Unfortunately, the Catholic Conservatives have continued to “game’ our faith today, and it’s sad.

Catholic America: Why I Can’t Be a Catholic Conservative – On Faith at

I NOTE TOO: The Mad Priest also quotes from the same article, the following in his post A universal Pain in the Arse:

Unfortunately, serious theological discussion in Catholicism these days faces the wrath of Catholic Conservatives. Asserting the Church is theologically “perfect,” they claim Catholicism must not change anything pragmatically. This closed mindedness contrasts with Catholicism’s thoughtful evolution through the ages. For Catholic Conservatives, it is all about text without context, because they are more Conservatives than they are Catholics.

What repels me from such persons is not that they lack faith, but that they presume their exclusive claim to righteousness making them eager to dismiss the sincerity of the rest of Catholic America. Destruction is preferred to dialogue. At the root of conservative close mindedness is anti-intellectualism. Apparently, Catholic Conservatives believe their God driven task is to conserve, not Catholicize.

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