Bible Surfing: A New Blog

Check it out. It looks good. It is by Ray Schneider, a scientist and writer, who I know personally from a few years of emailed correspondence.

Let’s return to Genesis chapter one. To understand any text it is important as Mortimer Adler points out in How to Read a Book to know what kind of text it is. Is it history, poetry, a teaching story (midrash), prophecy, and so forth through all the possible genres one could imagine? It is also important to understand the point of view of the author. In the context of scripture one might expect people to say something like “But the author is God” and that somewhat begs the question. For while God doubtless inspired sacred writings, they are still written down by human authors with human intent. God doesn’t turn the author into some sort of robot.

The first verse of Genesis is: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Already we have some key concepts to consider.

Check it out. Bible Surfing

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