Pittsburgh Untangled (Lionel Deimel’s Web Log)

EPISCOPAL DIOCESE OF PITTSBURGH: It is not easy to read for the very reasons explained in the blog posting:

So many of the arguments made are defective, but establishing the fact requires a long chain of reasoning. Just how judges keep tract of such logic I do not know. I hope Judge James is good at it. That said, I have to repeat that I am not a lawyer, and there are certainly legal arguments here that legitimately may carry weight.

And it concludes:

A hearing on Calvary’s requests is scheduled in early September, before the scheduled House of Bishops meeting at which Duncan could be deposed. (A decision could be postponed.) Pittsburgh Episcopalians of every stripe will be awaiting the outcome of that hearing with some anxiety.

Recommend reading it slowly. It really is quite excellent: Lionel Deimel’s Web Log

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