The Missing Link Number X (Touchstone Magazine – Mere Comments)

MORE GOD OF THE GAPS STUFF: As argument, the mystery of abiogenesis works well and will until scientific explanation surfaces.

Here is an interesting and totally expected story about the inability of natural selection to account for, well, the stuff that selection is all about in the first place, living things. The link to the Telegraph write up is here. (Just follow the links!)

The idea that life owes its existence to some “vital essence” or “animating spark” has long been discredited in scientific circles. Instead, it is believed that the first living thing emerged after a chemical reaction crossed the watershed that divides inanimate objects from the kind of self-replicating “organic” reactions that run our cells.

They got that right: “it is believed.” A matter of faith. There will be more mysteries found as science digs deeper, more and more things to believe. (I just wonder: What would happen if I tell someone to get “self organized,” but use neither intelligence nor design?)

Read Touchstone Magazine – Mere Comments: The Missing Link Number X

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