The Genius of Charles Darwin and the Foolishness of Richard Dawkins (The Independent)

A WITTY PIECE: “Even deeply religious Christians are happy to consider the Bible to be metaphorical rather than narrative. But [Richard Dawkins] cannot do so. He sticks rigidly to the idea that since the Bible describes the world beginning 6,000 years ago, when really life began four million years ago, God can’t exist,” writes Deborah Orr in The Independent. The article begins:

It is a very strange thing, the way in which the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins has come to resemble that which he most despises. There is something almost biblical in the desire of this high-profile hard-rationalist to smite the unbelievers, and remove them from the face of the earth, using the implacable power of science and reason. God knows, as he wouldn’t say himself, how we’d manage without the chap.

Dawkins’s latest assault on the feeble-minded came last night in the first episode of The Genius of Charles Darwin, a series about the naturalist and his influence. In expressing the overwhelming nature of his admiration for Darwin and his genius in constructing his theory of evolution, Dawkins left the viewer with the impression that he had no reason to believe in God because Darwin was his prophet instead. Dawkins did well in his role as writer and presenter to remain as placid as he did, given his well-known impatience with humans who still believe in such superstitious nonsense as God.

And it gets better. Read this witty piece: Last Night’s TV: The Genius of Charles Darwin, Channel 4; I’m Kylie’s Body Double, BBC 3 – TV & Radio Reviews, Film & TV – The Independent

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One Response to The Genius of Charles Darwin and the Foolishness of Richard Dawkins (The Independent)

  1. A concerned intelligent individual says:

    Oh dear,

    You use your imaginary friend and fictional book against rational thought.

    I might as well pull Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings from the shelf, and preach it door to door to be like you.

    Whether you like Dawkins and Darwin or not, they’re right I’m afraid.

    You may have your god, but you still look both ways when you cross the street.

    Grow up and stop living in a fantasy.

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