low clouds, low mood (The Lead)

A MUST READ INSIGHT: An article by Jim Naughton

Some Episcopal bishops I spoke with last night were happy with their experience at the conference, which they described as a time of real engagement. To a person they felt they had established important relationships. They also felt that attitudes towards homosexuality had begun to soften, but perhaps only to the extent that people were now able to discuss the issue without shouting.

They praised the design of the conference, raved about the Bible study and the indaba groups and said they felt more closely connected to the other bishops of the Communion that they ever have before.

They were more pessimistic about the chances that the Episcopal Church will be able to move decisively toward full inclusion at our General Convention next summer. One can stress the provisional nature of the Reflections that will be published today, and take heart in the fact that some of the most ardent homophobes in the Communion feel that they are losing ground, yet the fact remains that the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Anglican Communion Office and the majority of the bishops at this conference want us to maintain our de facto ban on the consecration of partnered gay candidates to the episcopacy, and to ban either the authorization of rites of same sex blessings, or to root out the practice of same sex blessings entirely –it isn’t clear which….

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