A rainy day in Canterbury (Desert’s Child) – The Lambeth Conference ends on a rainy note

REFLECTIONS ON REFLECTIONS – “If our bishops are willing to sacrifice our baptismal covenant for an Anglican Covenant, what does that say about the future of our church? Not much that’s good, I think,” writes Katie Sherrod. Leading up to this quote she wrote:

What is exhausting is the emotional and spiritual drain of witnessing the continued marginalization and scapegoating of LGBT Christians by the bishops of the Anglican Communion.

In the latest “Reflections on Lambeth” document, statement 103 says, “The ordination of an openly partnered homosexual bishop and the open blessing of same sex relationships has had many negative results including . . . .” Then it lists ten examples.

Sentence 104 says, “There have also been positive results in parts of Canada, the US and England when homosexual people are accepted as God’s children, are treated with dignity and choose to give their lives to Christ and to live in the community of faith as disciples of Jesus Christ with fidelity and commitment.” But no examples are offered.

Getting that one sentence included in the draft took days of work by supportive bishops. Earlier drafts said nothing positive at all about LGBT Anglicans.
But it is clearly a bone thrown to the dogs under the table.

Read Desert’s Child: A rainy day in Canterbury

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