Significant Internet Problems: Many Episcopal & Anglican Blogs Not Working – What to do!

According to reports on many technical sites many blogs and websites are not working today. The problem is apparently limited, at this time, to blogs and other websites that use Sitemeter when they are accessed with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. I have confirmed this to be the case so far with my blogs and with my wife’s computer and mine.

  • As a user try using Flock or Firefox browsers as these browsers do not seem to be affected.
  • As a blog owner try removing Sitemeter temporarily. I have done so and my sites are working properly (I think).

Reportedly, both Microsoft and Site Meter are working on solutions.

Grandmère Mimi over at Wounded Bird is reporting the same problem:

If you use Internet Explorer as your browser on your PC, and you use Sitememter as a counter, you may not be able to access sites on Blogger at this time. You may want to try either removing SiteMeter or switching to Firefox as your browser.

As a precaution, I strongly recommend installing an alternate browser. You may never need to start it, but it is there:

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