Nigerian gay Christian activist granted asylum

Ruth Gledhill writes in Times Online:

Davis Mac-Iyalla, the Nigerian gay Christian activist, has been granted asylum by the UK government. He is living here with Nigerian friends in north London. His application was fast-tracked after he fled here from death threats and physical assault in Nigeria. He was held in detention for a week before his case was heard, and he fully expected more time in detention and was amazed to be set free. He learned on Friday that he had been granted asylum. . . .

. . . Davis has had a series of death threats made against him. He fled Nigeria once before, in 2006. But he returned and settled in Togo where he was violently assaulted in April this year. Integrity reports: ‘In the same week a fellow gay Anglican activist was severely beaten while representing Davis at his sister’s funeral in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.’ The Anglican Church in Nigeria once put out an extremely hostile statement about him.

. . . Anyway, Davis was lucky. ‘To be physically attacked, and then when I applied for asylum to be detained for a week – I was really very frightened,’ he told me. ‘I thought when they came on the Friday that I was to get another detention, and then they said I had been granted asylum. I cannot thank the Government enough. What they have done will give hope to my brothers and sisters in NIgeria who still face persecution. If they were not genuinely concerned for my safety, they would not have granted asylum. I am very relieved to be protected. I am going to live here and continue my work for West Africa.’

Ruth Gledhill – Times Online – WBLG: Lambeth Diary: Nigerian gay Christian activist granted asylum#more

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One Response to Nigerian gay Christian activist granted asylum

  1. Rev Steve Bailey says:

    I hope God will use Davis to continue to expose the kind of injustice and violence in Nigeria and in the Anglican Church in Nigeria which he has had to flee.

    It is absurd that some North American Anglicans / Episcopalians have put themselves under the authority of the Nigerian Archbishop over “the gay issue” when they should be standing up for human rights all over the world. Tacit approval of the beliefs, statements and actions of some Anglican archbishops and bishops in regard to human rights in their countries is that last thing any North American – or Australian – etc. Anglican should be engaging in.

    Selling out to atrocity and injustice in the name of ‘biblical orthodoxy’ is absurdity of the most dangerous kind.

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