Dehyping the hype on Faith and Order: The Lead

Helen Thompson points out:

It’s hard to discern from media coverage who thinks what about Friday’s developments at Lambeth regarding the Faith and Order Commission–aside from it seeming to be a move toward centralization, which no one is thrilled with. The idea of the Archbishop’s office or a select cadre of bishops having more authority sounds eerily like a pope thing, with Ruth Gledhill of the Times going as far as saying it’s the first step on a slippery slope an toward Inquisition.

Andrew Goddard, however, doesn’t think this is a power-grab, pointing out that the commission has been in the works for at least several months. “Faith and Order” is actually a turn of phrase that has its own history in ecumenical circles, and the commission on such was being discussed at least as early as Dec. 2007. The proposal on canon law, moreover, has been running around since 2001, he writes.

The Lead

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