About dad, the Washington bishop

Philip Kopper has a review of The Bishop’s Daughter by Honor Moore in the Washington Times.

Among the latter, I suspect, are some of Washington’s aging Episcopalian Brahmins (or their ghosts), gentlemen whom I remember 40 years ago gathered as old birds of an angry feather, wattling their jowls about the new bishop. Paul Moore, they clucked at a stuffy reception, had come here to shake up their antebellum church and he ought to be defrocked for anti-establishment heresy.

Paul Moore Jr. was the Suffragan Bishop of the diocese whose seat is Washington National Cathedral, a landmark edifice still in the making and “a church for all people.” It already held the tombs and cenotaphs of statesmen, warriors and churchmen, as it became the temple of choice for funerals of the mighty. This towering churchman meant it to serve the meek as well.

Full review at Washington Times – About dad, the Washington bishop

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