The Wayward Episcopalian: It must run in the family

 GREAT POST: Nathan Empsall writes:

The Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson has long reminded me of another, even more famous Robinson. Back in the 1950s, Brooklyn Dodgers General Manager Branch Rickey did not choose Jackie Robinson to become the first black baseball player in the majors because he was the best black player, but because of all the good black players, he was the one who could best handle the racist catchers with cleets up and the fans and newspapers hurtling racial slurs and broken bottles.

In today’s similarly toxic atmosphere, I believe that God, acting as the church’s GM, has chose a new Robinson for the same reason that Rickey chose the old Robinson. There may be other GLBT priests who would make better bishops than +Gene (although I doubt it), but there aren’t likely very many who could handle the pressure as well.

So, read the whole posting: The Wayward Episcopalian: It must run in the family

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