More on the Demonic Buddhist Chant at an Anglican Sermon in Canterbury Cathedral

Bishop Alan tells us, “All sorts of trenchant reaction has followed the news that the Bishop of Colombo’s sermon at the Eucharist in Canterbury Cathedral on Sunday concluded with a Buddhist Chant which one commentator described as ‘demonic.’ . . .

And he tells us,

. . . Bishop Robert Duncan [of Pittsburgh, The Episcopal Church] said the inclusion of the chant was “very, very troubling” since it was an “invocation of something other than the God we know… to have a Buddhist chant at an Anglican sermon does not reflect the God we believe in.”

A God we do not believe in? Not the God we know? According to Bishop de Chickera, the very words of the chant mean, 

I take refuge in God the Father
I take refuge in God the Son
I take refuge in God the Holy Spirit
I take refuge in the One Triune God.

“When we rush to judgment of others we do not know, like or understand, especially on the internet, especially on the basis of rumour, it is easy to make complete fools of ourselves,” writes Bishop Alan.

Read Bishop Alan’s Blog: Demonic Buddhist Chant: Really?

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