The Living Church Foundation: American Episcopal Bishops Meet, ‘Infuriated’ Gene Robinson Excluded


Despite a personal plea from Bishop Gene Robinson, the bishops of The Episcopal Church adhered to the rules of the Lambeth Conference, which have prohibited the Bishop of New Hampshire from formal participation in the decennial event at Canterbury.

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“Well, I guess it makes sense that he wouldn’t be allowed to participate since he isn’t invited to the conference,” said the Rt. Rev. Gordon Scruton, Bishop of Western Massachusetts, during an Episcopal News Service media briefing Sunday evening.

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“If nothing can be done to change this decision, it will be a particularly painful blow,” he wrote on Saturday. “At our House of Bishops meeting in March, I pleaded with the House not to let Lambeth separate us. For me to be excluded from my own House of Bishops seems especially cruel and unnecessary.”

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“This was not a meeting of the House of Bishops of The Episcopal Church,” [Bishop Neil Alexander of Atlanta] said. “It was intended as an informal time together.” He added that his understanding was that the purpose of the provincial meetings was to provide a chance to reflect on the events of the conference to date.

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“The problem that we face within the Anglican Communion is that bishops gathering for the Lambeth Conference represent not only their diocese, but their participation in the fellowship of worldwide Anglican Christians,” Archbishop Williams said. “Where there are bishops whose participation in that worldwide fellowship is for one reason or another questionable, that’s the reason for questioning their participation here.

The Living Church Foundation | American Bishops Meet, ‘Infuriated’ Robinson Excluded

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