Ruth Gledhill – Times Online: Lambeth Diary: Indaba and Africa (& Mission Impossible for the Archbishop of Canterbury)

IMPOSSIBLE? Near the conclusion of her blog posting, Ruth Gledhill writes:

Maybe what the Archbishop of Canterbury is attempting to do is impossible. Maybe the increasingly irreconcilable factions of the Anglican Communion should indeed be set free to plough their own furrows.

Slightly before that she wrote:

Tomorrow, Wednesday, will be a significant day because bishops are to be given the “observations document” of the internal church group set up to resolve the crisis.

The Windsor Continuation Group was formed at the start of this year to take forward the proposals of an earlier report, which called on the US church to roll back its liberal agenda.The report also urged  conservative provinces of Africa and Asia to desist from boundary crossing.

A senior source said the follow-up document, which will be finished and published in full at the end of the year,  contained a “sober realism” about the crisis threatening to split the Anglican Church. The new document is expected to be equally critical of conservative primates who are “poaching” evangelical congregations from the US church by illicitly consecrating of bishops to serve them.

Liberals in The Episcopal Church remain determined to engineer a backtracking on its commitment not to consecrate any more gay bishops when the next General Convention meets in the summer of 2009.

Ruth Gledhill – Times Online – WBLG: Lambeth Diary: Indaba and Africa

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