Trinity Episcopal Church: John Heuss House

From Trinity Episcopal Church Wall Street, in Manhattan, NY: “An outreach social-service ministry of Trinity Church, John Heuss House is a 24-hour drop-in center for homeless, mentally ill, and medically-frail single adults. Founded in 1988, Heuss House encourages the homeless to re-enter mainstream society by offering a variety of support services, including providing hot meals, showers, clothing, case management, medication monitoring, money management, recreational/day programming, and beds in church/synagogue shelters. Read the entry and view the slide show at Trinity Church – John Heuss House.

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3 Responses to Trinity Episcopal Church: John Heuss House

  1. Parishoner says:

    Update: Due to Bloombergization of Lower Manhattan – JHH will most likely be closed this summer – leaving hundreds of homeless victims to swelter in the city heat, without a sign of relief in sight.

    This is absolute outrage. Trinity has tried to do everything to save it – but the politicians want to keep wall street fat cats happy and rid those unpleasant (without Polo slacks) off their streets made of gold.

    35 FT workers will get the ax. Thanks Mike – you’re a good mayor.

  2. Joe Little says:

    Re Parishioner’s Bloombergization of Lower Manhattan…

    We are sad to hear of the closing of John Heuss House. In our role as Lower Manhattan’s–& NYC’s and Amerca’s–first rescue mission, we at the NewYorkCity Rescue Mission have seen our share of homeless shelters open and close since we began on Water St in 1872 as the “Helping Hand for Men” (aka McAuley Water St Mission). It’s hateful to hear of a shelter closing, let alone have it close on your watch.

    The New York City Rescue Mission which is the single surviving facility for the care of the homeless in LowerManhattan is fortunate to help the hungry and weary of Lower Manhattan 24/7 thanks to the neighborly involvement and support of 1,254 active donors south of Canal St in Lower Manhattan.

    If the end comes and John Heuss closes its doors New York City Rescue Mission will strive to turn a bad lemon into great lemonade with the collaborative aid of John Heuss’–and Lower Manhattan’s–finest.

    See our neighbor friendly website–– for more info, or walk to the corner of Lafayette & White, 7 blocks north of Chambers (or 2 south of Canal).


    Joe Little
    Community Relations Manager

  3. Dawn Paullin says:

    I am extremely worried about the homeless shelter John Heuss House closing this June. It should not close. Try everything in your power to save it. Thousands of homeless visit that shelter for meals each week. I went there last year, and it saved my life. They gave me a coat and a hot meal. Please protect the John Heuss House and all of the homeless who need their services!

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